Hawaiian Dinner Party

An evening spent enjoying some local style grub…
Paniau Dinner Party_0005.jpg

Ahi Sashimi Wontons with Edamame Hummus and Black Sesame Seeds above and gourmet cheeses served with fig preserves, aged salami and almonds

Paniau Dinner Party_0008.jpg

Signature Drink: Pomegranate liquor, peach rum, passion orange preserve and sparkling water.

Paniau Dinner Party_0010.jpg

Ono Ceviche with Lime and Mango

Paniau Dinner Party_0007.jpg

Kekela Farm Greens with Caramelized Onions, Candied Pecans, Red Papaya, Cheve, Crispy Proscuitto and a Balsamic Vinaigrette. Also, Garlic Buttered Seared Baby Abalone with Blood Orange Dressing

Paniau Dinner Party_0009.jpg

Seared Mahi Mahi in Red Hawaiian Sea Salt above and Grass Fed Big Island Beef Tenderloin with Ohelo Berry Port Wine Reduction

Paniau Dinner Party_0004.jpg
Paniau Dinner Party_0003.jpg

Toasted Coconut Mac-Nut Brown Rice

Paniau Dinner Party_0001.jpg
Paniau Dinner Party_0006.jpg
Paniau Dinner Party_0002.jpg


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