Hey Hong Kong

Oh hey there, Hong Kong!!!

Hong Kong_0001

I’ve got to be honest, after my time on Mainland China, I was more than excited for a few days in Hong Kong. It’s such a special place!! Like a vertical city on a tropical island…I had no idea how many islands actually make up HK (over 800). The enormous skyline takes your breath away. It was so much more overpowering than NYC, and coming from America I had never seen anything bigger than that!

Hong Kong_0002

After coffee with some family friends, I took a cab up to “The Peak” and caught the amazing view, although it was a little smoggy that day I could still get a sense of how massive this city was. Loved how the buildings seem to be stacked on top of one another, climbing up the mountain side.

Hong Kong_0003Hong Kong_0004Hong Kong_0005

Pretty neat spot for lunch…

Hong Kong_0006

Had to have a bit more dim sum before I left China! Shrimp spring rolls, shu mai and shrimp steamed dumplings…

Hong Kong_0007

I felt like an ant walking around the city, everywhere you turned you were towered over by skyscrapers! The shopping is just amazing there, thank god I packed a small backpack otherwise I’d be in trouble…

Hong Kong_0008

Such a crack up how many 7-elevens I passed by…

Hong Kong_0009

Hong Kong_0010

Central Pier was were I took the ferry every day from Kowloon where my hotel was to Hong Kong city…it cost 50cents to get across the bay.

Hong Kong_0011

Apple and H&M…a little slice of home : )

Hong Kong_0012

A gift from Great Britain…

Hong Kong_0013Hong Kong_0014Hong Kong_0015

After roughing through the cold all journey long I was exstatic to see palm trees outside my subway stop!

Hong Kong_0016

HK takes on a totally different energy at night, the city lights up in neon!

Hong Kong_0017

Please note the poodle with a pink scarf guardian the door of the shop below…love.

Hong Kong_0018

Spent the evening at the convention center watching the Dragon & Lion Championships. It was amazing to see all the teams preform! Most of them were very young, probably not even into high school yet. The crowd goes crazy for this, so inspiring to see this tradition being kept alive.

Hong Kong_0019Hong Kong_0020Hong Kong_0021

Breathtaking skyline view of HK at night…they have a laser light show every single night!

Hong Kong_0022


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