Shanghai Adventures Part 2

After feeling a bit more solid with my whereabouts, I continued the journey through Shangahi….


I really had wanted to see Quiabo, an ancient town built along the river…think of it like the Venice of China ; ) I took the subway out there, then had to find my way by hand signals and lots of bowing. Most people outside of the city did not speak any english, so it was a little tricky trying to find this place tucked within the town…somehow I found it!


Loved this father and son…looked like a perfect sunday afternoon to them : )


The ally ways were pretty intimidating with all the locals, interesting smells and food choices…


But the bridges were amazing!


Lots of local vendors with trinkets and roasting nuts, perfect for the freezing cold!


I’m not going to pretend to apologize for my lunch at a NY style pizza shop! It hit the spot!!!!


And I much rather enjoy a few slices of pizza than these poor little ducklings…


A last stop at the temple and gardens in the Bazar. I made it in right before they closed and got to explore the grounds and caves solo!


Beautiful Japanese original art, I loved the birds and flower paintings…


After a few days in Shanghai on “Mainland China” I was MORE than ready to get to a westernized Hong Kong! Pictures to come…


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