Stanley Beach & Lama Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong was turning into one of my favorite places on the trip thus far. Aside from the refreshing bit of western culture, there seemed to be such an exciting energy running throughout the city…so exciting that I decided to spend a day and venturing around Hong Kong  to the beach towns and a ferry ride to another well known island ; )

Hong Kong_0051Hong Kong_0039

I must mention the fabulous spas all around the city, and the best part…they are open till midnight! So I had my fun enjoying the day exploring and spent the evening relaxing in this santuary. Because real estate must be so pricey, this spa was downstairs, underground…they do mostly acupressure massage which is pretty painful but feels great after!

Hong Kong_0063

Great view of the city as I took an hour ferry ride to Lama Island…

Hong Kong_0062Hong Kong_0061

Gorgeous view from the pier!

Hong Kong_0060

Such a delicious seafood lunch! Garlic scallops and boiled shrimp…

Hong Kong_0059Hong Kong_0058

The island was pretty vacant since it was the off season, so I had the whole place to explore alone! Great hiking trails all over…

Hong Kong_0057Hong Kong_0056Hong Kong_0055Hong Kong_0053Hong Kong_0054Hong Kong_0052

These boats were by far my favorite part. I loved watching the fishermen come in with their fresh catch and try to sell it off to all the restaurants that lined the beach…

Hong Kong_0050Hong Kong_0049Hong Kong_0048

In case you forget how to wash your hands…

Hong Kong_0047

A cemetery that lined the mountain side…

Hong Kong_0046Hong Kong_0045Hong Kong_0044Hong Kong_0043Hong Kong_0042

Hong Kong_0041

Double decker public busses & thai chi in the park…

Hong Kong_0040


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