Erin & Phill’s Lake Arrowhead Engagement

It was an absolute perfect evening driving up to meet Erin and Phill at their cabin on the beautiful Lake Arrowhead. The weather was perfect, the light was insane and don’t even get me started on how charming these two are! We walked around their beautiful property, shooting bits and pieces all over. Phill was a total joker, keeping Erin laughing the entire time! I absolutely adore these two : )


Erin&Phill_0018 Erin&Phill_0017 Erin&Phill_0016 Erin&Phill_0015 Erin&Phill_0014 Erin&Phill_0013 Erin&Phill_0012 Erin&Phill_0011 Erin&Phill_0010 Erin&Phill_0009 Erin&Phill_0008 Erin&Phill_0007 Erin&Phill_0006 Erin&Phill_0005 Erin&Phill_0004 Erin&Phill_0003 Erin&Phill_0002


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