Bri & Brandon’s Claremont Engagement

Bri and Brandon met in Junior High at El Roble Intermediate School. They were 8th graders and their matchmaker was a mutual middle-schooler, who introduced the two probably over recess or chocolate milk in the cafeteria. Bri thought Brandon was a cutie, so the pair did what most teenyboppers do, they dated! But in that day and age, dating was merely holding hands and passing notes in class, and Bri was looking for more…MUCH MORE. She wanted a boy to kiss her.

Maybe Brandon was scared or just not ready. I mean, the boy was only 13 years young. Fortunately for these two, they remained friends, grew up a little bit, and tried to play the dating game once again as seniors at Claremont High School. This time, Brandon sealed the deal… he went in for the kiss.

Back in those good old days, Bri and Brandon started going to Disneyland. It was one of her favorite places, home of her favorite Disney movie, “Sleeping Beauty.” Each and every time they went to Disneyland, she had to take a picture with her prince in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle…same spot, same picture. And seriously, every single time.

One Christmas evening, these two were heading to have dinner at the exclusive Club 33 and stopped in front of the Castle for their quintessential shot. Bri assumed it would be just one pic but then Brandon asked her to take just one more. As she started to pose like a princess, he knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

As if that wasn’t enough of a fairytale for you, Bri and Brandon returned to the old-stomping grounds at El Roble Intermediate School, where they first met so many years ago, for their engagement session. Nothing could be more picture-perfect than this adorably darling photo shoot with two youngsters in LOVE!

xoxo, Sarah

P.S. See more of Bri & Brandon at their WEDDING here!





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